Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Magnificent Pictures

Do you ever run across those pictures that catch your attention? Here are a couple that just caught my attention and I have made sdesktop wallpaper. You could glaze at them for a while and imagine all sorts of things.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Curt - Sherron - Fred

This picture was taken 4/29/2010 outside Boscos' Restaurant in Cool Springs.
(L - R) Curt Stubblefield, Manager of Network Development; Sherron Bowers, Manager of Ancillary Contracting and Fred Chism, Manager of Provider Relations all with Windsor Health Plan. We were there for a going away lunch for Smaki Nash, our Supervisor of Provider Relations.
This is Curt with his A-Team. This is part of the Middle Tennessee team. (L - R) Johnette Burton, Curt, Jackie Thompson and LaRita Grady.

Inez and Molly in a hammock

Molly is one of the 10 puppies Callie had just a few weeks after we took her in and gave her a new home. Molly is grown up now.

Kathy, Inez and Hattie from H & T's

Kathy - Inez - Hattie

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nathan B Stubblefield on the BBC ?

We found out a few days ago the BBC is looking at the possibility of including Nathan B. Stubblefield's story as a part of the show on inventors.

We are hoping to find out more details in the coming weeks.

Nathan Stubblefield is the man standing on the extreme Right of this picture.

Long Time

It has bee a long time since we posted something on our blog. Inez and I was talking and will get back into the habit of finding something of interest to post.

One of the people Inez works with, Kristie Whitehead is taking sketching lessons and did this sketch of Inez from a picture of her Ya Ya Sisterhood meetings.