Thursday, April 29, 2010

Curt - Sherron - Fred

This picture was taken 4/29/2010 outside Boscos' Restaurant in Cool Springs.
(L - R) Curt Stubblefield, Manager of Network Development; Sherron Bowers, Manager of Ancillary Contracting and Fred Chism, Manager of Provider Relations all with Windsor Health Plan. We were there for a going away lunch for Smaki Nash, our Supervisor of Provider Relations.
This is Curt with his A-Team. This is part of the Middle Tennessee team. (L - R) Johnette Burton, Curt, Jackie Thompson and LaRita Grady.

Inez and Molly in a hammock

Molly is one of the 10 puppies Callie had just a few weeks after we took her in and gave her a new home. Molly is grown up now.

Kathy, Inez and Hattie from H & T's

Kathy - Inez - Hattie