Monday, March 26, 2007

Beautiful Tennessee Places

Tennessee has some beautiful places. I tell my wife that some of the prettiest places are on golf courses. It just happened to be that we were in Paris, Tennessee visiting and I went with my Uncle Sam, yes my real Uncle Sam and we played golf at Paris Landing State Park Golf Course over the weekend. The leaves were changing, the colors of spring were starting to come open and the grass was turning from the winter brown to the light green of spring. It just happened that I was on the cart path beside the 15th fairway and over in the trees and scrub grass were four (4) turkeys wandering and grazing. The turkeys noticed us, but made no rush to run off and hide. We were probably just another cart of so many they had already seen before we came along. Most of the State Park golf courses in Tennessee that I have visited will offer something similar in the way of wildlife entering the courses and letting us see them walking free and not afraid of people. We are fortunate to live in an area blessed by such places and sites.

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