Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day 2007

Our Mother’s Day began with several things happening. I got a call from Whit and their son Eric had apparently sent him a video clip that we had talked about using in the presentation for Sunday services. We also were using clips from the children’s classes wishing moms Happy Mother’s Day and a clip from Tony Newbern in Iraq. I went to the building and got Eric’s video clip inserted in the slides and ready. Inez came a little later in time for the 8 AM service. After the assembly time we left for Carestone to help with the service there. Since Windel had been out of town, he had called and asked me to speak. I had first thought about Mary and put that aside. Then I thought about Ruth for a Mother’s Day topic, then about Timothy and his mother. I had planned on starting with Ruth and then ending with Timothy’s mother and focusing on loyalty, example and guidance. But, on the way to the 8 AM assembly and then on to Carestone the feeling of Mary for a topic was weighing on me and I changed. I thought about Mary as an unknown, poor girl who was engaged to Joseph and hand picked by God to be the earthly mother of Jesus. How she had encouraged him to perform His first miracle by changing water to wine at the wedding feast in spite of His resistance, He did as she asked. How when He was on the cross, the person he pick out to mention and show concern that she was care for was His mother Mary, John 19:26 & 27. Then to tie that together with the residents at Carestone for their care, guidance and example they had given to their children and for us to honor them for the teaching and guidance they have given through the years. Mrs. Burns always says something to the effect that she doesn’t know what she would do if she couldn’t go to church and always thanks us for coming to do the service at Carestone. I hope she knows that it does me more good than I can give to her.

We continued our family tradition by going to Gaylord Springs Golf Club for their holiday brunch. It is always good and we all have a good time talking and eating and watching all of the guest while we are there. Instead of writing a lot about it, here are some pictures of this year.

Patty, Ora Kay, Inez, Al Griner & Curtis

Patty & Ora Kay

Happy Mother's Day

Curt & Inez

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Donna and Mike said...

Curt, what a great lesson about Mary. Thanks for sharing it with us. Come see us!!!