Wednesday, November 14, 2007


It wasn't but just a few weeks ago that we made a trip to Milan for Main Street's Homecoming. Well, we actually didn't make Homecoming but the night before Mark and Nancy Bradford was gracious enough to host everyone at their house for a party. It was almost like taking a step back in time to the time we would all go to a Milan HS football game and stop at somebody's house eat snacks and watch the scores on the late news. BOY, it was good to see the guys that were there! I wish it had been where I could have stayed for that Sunday and heard Dorain preach and spent a little time with all of the folks at Main Street. I have used several analogies from this visit to Milan and being at Mark and Nancy's house at CareStone. So even in missing that particular Sunday, there have been shared blessings from the quick Saturday trip to see some old friends and have a few hours together. The picture above is Dorian and Cheri Flynn with Inez and me. Dorian forgot to read the red shirt memo.

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