Monday, June 9, 2008

Jonah and the Priates of the Mediterranean

What a trip! 13 people on a bus headed north to Florissant, Mo and then back. Well not so much the 13 people on a bus but it was the combination of these 13 people that made it such a trip. Our own little pirate crew that included the Burton's, Clymer's, Nash's, Rose's, Wilson's, Robbie "Ma" Upchurch and Inez and I. We worried if there were places they wouldn't let us come in to eat because we would be too loud or too roudy!

Surprise - Surprise - Surprise!

Sunday morning after being with the family at Florissant!
It was so good to see Mike's play and spend a little time seeing Mike & Donna. What a trip!


Donna R said...

Oh, my, WHAT A SURPRISE!!! It was so good to see you all. Thank you so much for coming. I just wish more people could have come. I think this play was so fun and it was great to share it with you.

Kathy R said...

We had such a wonderful time with everybody. It was a fun trip as it is everytime we are all together. What a blessing this small group is!!