Thursday, August 15, 2013

All Seasons Sunrooms - Sunroom Addition at Our Home

We bought our sunroom 2/28/13 with the expectation that it would be delivered
and installed in six to eight weeks.
Room is delivered 6/4/13
Foundation stared, 6/4/13 
Concrete poured 6/11/13
We have a concrete paio where the room will be.

My Pond, left over from the grading done on 6/11/13.
I still have a pond.

Room is uncrated for the first time on 6/27/13.
This crew does not show up again.

After two days of construction by the second crew, two walls are up on 7/1/13.

End of the day on 7/1/13. At least this is progress.

The third wall goes up on 7/2/13. More progress.

7/7/13 - we have a roof on the room.

7/8/13, I have walls and a roof and my pond in the foreground of
the room.

7/8/13, end of the day and a different angle.


7/10/13, getting closer. Doors are installed and roofing material goes on.
We are getting ready for shingles.

7/10/13 - we got a rain shower and the room leaks.

7/10/13 - water in the room. This is in the southwest corner inside the sunroom
next to the chimney.

7/10/13 - more shots of the leak in the southeast corner where
water came in the sunroom and ran down the wall in the southeast corner.

7/10/13 water running down the wall inside the sunroom, in
the southwest corner.
7/31/13 - still leaking and cannot get anyone to come out
to fix the leak. But you can see the liquid epoxy floor I put down.

8/12/13 - the south door has begun to split.
Thy should post my photos on their web site.

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