Monday, July 9, 2007

Holiday Pneumonia

I just finished a round of antibiotics for pneumonia. Boy it was rough. I came down with what I thought was the flu or a really bad cold on Thursday, June 28. By Friday at noon I could tell it was something else. Inez listened to me and said when I can hear you wheezing across the room and your lungs sound "gunky" it isn't just a cold.

Well I listened to Inez's advise and she called and got me in to see Dr. Johnson. His evaluation after listening to me was that I "sounded pretty gunky in there." Highly educated medical terminology "gunky" means it wasn't good. After a couple of x-rays that showed I had the beginning of pneumonia in the upper lobe of my left lung, Dr. Johnson gave me a gram of rochephin and a script for a broad based antibiotic for 10 days.

Being sick over a holiday wasn't the best of scheduling, like it could have been scheduled. Well we are now in day 11 and I feel like I am pretty much mended. I still have a little scratchy cough occasionally and a sneeze here and there, but I feel like I am 90 to 95% back to my normal self.

I have had a lot of calls and e-mails with well wishes that was so nice. I appreciate all of them so very much. Most of all, it is good to be back to feeling so much better.


Donna Root said...

Oh, we're so sorry you have been sick. Glad you are feeling better, though! Miss you!

Mike Root said...

Hey Bro. Like Donna said, sorry to hear that you've been under the weather. Isn't it nice to know you have great folks praying for you - like that wild group you hang around with on Sunday nights? I meant to comment on your worship questions. Loved'em! And I happen to know three books that have the answers to most of those questions - HA!