Sunday, July 29, 2007

Where the Heart is Determines What the Eyes See

I was reading Mike's blog and his latest top ten. It occurred to me that where the heart is has a lot to do with what you see (or want to see). Most of us have family situation where we see the same situation differently, or jobs where we see the same situations differently. I know you have had those job situations and asked what in the world is the boss doing? Don't he/she know that will never work? I have. I was looking at it from where I was and what I know and they were looking at it from where they were and what they knew. Or, have you have had those situations where you made decisions based on your experience and things that may have happened to you in the past? Sure you have, we all do it every day. We base what we see, the understanding we have and the decisions we make about them on our viewpoints and past experiences.

We base religious understand and religious decisions on those same foundations. But, in growing in Christ, in studying, listening to God speak through the word, we have the opportunity to grow beyond the limitations of basing decisions only on an earthly viewpoint. By developing our relationship with God and changing our viewpoint to one of love, grace and mercy we change and begin to see things through our heart. So, where the heart is now determines what our eyes see.

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D Root said...

Good points, Curt!