Thursday, September 6, 2007


After spending 3 days in the hospital recently and feeling really bad, here are some things to expect or not expect about hospitals.

10. Don’t try to sleep in a hospital.
9. Don’t expect to be able to rest in a hospital.
8. Don’t expect a rush to answer call lights.
7. Don’t expect bathroom calls to be easy when attached to an IV pole.
6. Don’t expect hospital food to have flavor.
5. Don’t expect hours to pass in normal time, they seem much longer.
4. Expect to be embarrassed by all the poking, prodding and bystanders during examinations.
3. Expect to find out about more body areas than you ever really wanted to know.
2. Expect to find out how many body orifices can be examined.
1. Expect to be left with the dilemma of which is worse the illness or the treatment?

I do need to add a disclaimer by saying that without the hospital I would not have improved and be able to be back in my normal routine. But this was only my second time as a patient in a hospital. I have been the visitor or employee all these years. It was so awkward being the patient. My other time as a patient was a single overnight stay after a quick surgery.

I hope all your hospital stays are short and that you improve quickly so that you can get back to your normal routines.

It was reinforced how much you appreciate the people who come to visit and how glad you are to get those call and cards to let you know how much people care. Each one was loved and appreciated.

And to all of our extended family in our Small Group, you just don"t know how much you mean to Inez and me. God has blessed us with all of you and we love you guys!

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